Pathway Programs

Here are the detailed steps of your pathway journey, from applying to ULC to graduating from college or university and getting your PGWP.

ULC-Herzing College Pathway Program

ULC has a privileged relationship with Herzing College, Montreal. Students who study at ULC study on Herzing College’s campus and get a preview of their college experience. Studying at ULC and successfully completing the English for College and University program level B2 ensures that applicants to Herzing College have the language level required to be admitted. Of course, other conditions might apply, depending on the chosen program.

ULC staff has extraordinary insights and lots of experience when it comes to academic counseling and pathways, choosing a program that responds to the student’s talents and interests. ULC students can audit Herzing College classes and decide which program is best for them. They can mix and mingle with the college students and learn directly from them about their own experiences. For more information about Herzing College programs, visit them at

ULC-Bishop’s University Pathway

ULC has a pathway with one of Canada’s top universities for undergraduate programs: Bishop’s. Students need to complete the highest level (C1)in the English for College and University program to qualify for admission. No IELTS or TOELF required!

Located in Sherbrooke, in the Eastern Townships region of Quebec, Canada, the university’s beautiful campus and small class sizes foster a friendly atmosphere. Bishop’s Faculty of Arts and Science offers a wide selection of courses and programs through its three divisions: Humanities, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Social Sciences. Some of the more popular majors include psychology, English, history, neuroscience, sports studies and pre-medicine. For more information about Bishop’s University’s programs, visit them at

ULC-Lester B Pearson Pathway Program

ULC’s pathway to Lester B Pearson School Board’s programs for international students is straightforward: students need to reach level B2 in General English to be fully admitted into one of the Diploma programs at LBP. No IELTS or TOEFL or other language proof is necessary. ULC students can apply to LBP once they are studying in the language program and receive a Conditional Letter of Acceptance. Once they complete the B2 level successfully, they can apply for Study Permit and CAQ from within Canada. After they finish their program, students qualify for the Post-Graduation Work Permit.

ULC staff can organize student visits to any of the campuses of the college and have students meet with counselors and teachers who can answer their questions. For more information about the programs available, please, check:

Pathway Services

ULC has pathways with several colleges and universities in Canada and the United States. Our students have various programs to chose from, depending on the college or university they want to apply to.

Program Matching

If students need a high IELTS score, we can make it happen fast, provided they take the courses we map out for them. Language is acquired in time and the time invested in learning matters. But it shouldn’t be longer than 6 months, if possible.

Academic Counseling

We counsel students honestly. We tell them about their best chances, best choices and we support their decisions. Choosing the right program, whether college or university, is a deciding factor in our students’ personal success story.

Application Support

Applying for college or university can be daunting. Our staff is well-versed and will accompany you step-by-step in the process, from filling out your application, preparing the documents you need to submit, to getting your Conditional or Full Admission.

APPLICATION STEPS: Applying for Study Permit in your home country
APPLICATION STEPS: Applying for Study Permit in Canada

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